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Webcam Astrophotography stuff

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Astrophotography bookmarks:

Webcam info:

There are a variety of webcams that have low LUX ccd's (particularly Sony ccd's) and do well for astronomy applications.

Some of these webcams can be modified (with a little soldering) so that they can take long exposures (up to a few minutes)

Here is a breakdown of various webcams, how sensitive they are, and if they can be modified;


For more information using webcams/video cameras for astro-imaging:

(QCUIAG) QuickCam and Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group



The Philips SPC900NC webcam is currently the best webcam on the market for astroimaging (and the one that I got)

It has a low LUX sony 1/4" CCD chip. It's color and slightly smaller than the Supercircuits video camera, so it doesn't have quite the performance.

Walmart has them for $58 http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=5044149

Information on modifying these webcams so that they can do long exposures.

This is the pioneer of modifying webcams for astro-imaging, and has detailed descriptions of the modifications.

There is also a description of how it is possible to replace the 1/4" ccd chip with the larger 1/3" sony CCD chip

(I think this is the same chip that is in the SuperCircuits video camera)



You can buy already modified webcams from here: http://astronomiser.co.uk/cams.htm

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