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on February 12, 2008 at 3:27:12 pm

Higher resolution video on here on Archive.org

Long Exposure TimeLapse (65 second exposures)

This is my first try at long exposure timelapse at night.
It was far from a perfect night... but there are moments where you see the stars..
I mostly just wanted to let it run for a night and see how it looked.
I'm using a Canon Powershot A560 that's using CHDK to take 65 second exposures and do the timelapse. This version is using the raw exposure (also thanks to CHDK).
The jpgs, which used auto white balance had a very blue tint to them.
My processing sequence went something like: raw .CRW -> dcraw -> png -> virtualDub
I used a few filters in virtualDub to adjust the levels and the overall color.
You can see some sort of pink ccd noise in the upper left corner... I need to take some dark frames.
Exposure info: 65 seconds, ISO 200, F2.59(according to EXIF)
I left a 60 second delay between shots to let the ccd cool down.

This is the raw image, a little on the yellow side, but a lot more color definition

This one is jpg with 'auto' white balance... very blue..

Higher resolution video on here on Archive.org This is the second try a couple nights later

Construction TimeLapse

TimeLapse of some big ass tractors laying sewer pipe in the road in front of my barn.



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