Stuff Ive hacked

I guess it all started in college (UCSC) in a microprocessor design class (probably '85 or '86ish)

It was a cool class where we putting together little z-80 microprocessor systems on proto boards.

One of the earlier assignments was to find some little electronic device, rip it apart, and by looking at

the chips and circuits inside, try and figure out how the thing works...

That gave me the itch, and the interest to open stuff up and mess with it.


When I say I've hacked all this stuff, most of it is really not hacking in the true sense...

I mostly just look up what other people have done and then follow their instructions.

Hacking in the true sense, is actually figuring out how to do the modification..


CB Radios were fun to hack, this was pre-internet, I think I got some tidbits off usenet or somewhere, but I did do the

hacking on these... by figuring out how the channel selector translated to flipping bits on the PLL chip, I

was able to add a switch on the high bit of the pll selector and get a bunch of extra channels.

That was a fun trick, and I fixed up a bunch of friend's cb's so we could all talk on the lower channels.


Beyond that..